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Dislocation Dance: Music Music Music (Vinyl LP)


This is a used vinyl record.

Label: New Hormones
Catalog Number: ORG 15
Country: UK
Genre(s): Jazz / New Wave
Released: 1981
Sleeve: VG+
Media: NM


  1. Stand Me Up
  2. Don't Knock Me Down
  3. YOPS Course
  4. Meeting Mum And Dad
  5. Friendship
  6. Take A Chance (On Romance)...
  7. ...Have A Chance
  8. Roof Is Leaking
  9. With A Smile On Your Face And A Frown In Your Heart
  10. Vendetta (Theme)
  11. Narrow Laughs
  12. Footloose
  13. Can't Race Time... And The Mad Killer (Coda)
  14. Wonder What I'll Do Tomorrow

Pressed on black vinyl. Free shipping over €50.

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