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Air: Twentyears (Vinyl LP)


This is a used vinyl record.

Label: Aircheology
Catalog Number: 0190295990138
Country: Europe
Genre(s): Electronic / Pop
Released: 2016 
Sleeve: VG+
Media: VG+


  1. La Femma D'Argent
  2. Cherry Blossom GIrl
  3. Kelly Watch The Stars
  4. Playground Love
  5. Sexy Boy
  6. Venus
  7. All I Need
  8. Alpha Beta Gaga (Single Edit)
  9. Moon Fever
  10. Don't Be Light
  11. How Does It Make You Feel
  12. Surfing On A Rocket
  13. Alone In Kyoto
  14. Talisman
  15. Run
  16. Le Soleil Est Pres De Moi

Pressed on black vinyl. Free global shipping over €40.

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