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Baltra: Ted (Vinyl LP)


This is a used vinyl record.

Label: 96 and Forever Records

Catalog Number: NSFR001

Country: US

Genre(s): Electronic

Released: 2019

Sleeve: NM

Media: NM


  1. Flashback
  2.  Opal Drip
  3.  Supreme
  4.  In The Mist Of Lovers Past
  5. How Does It Work?
  6. Ted's Interlude
  7. Rue Des Sablons
  8. Bankrolls
  9. Ahead Of Time feat. 박혜진 (Park Hye Jin)
  10. Pleasurematrix
  11. x_dkjf_a
  12. This Is The Last Time, I Promise
  13. Mariyah
  14. Study Of You
  15. Forever Alone

Pressed on black vinyl. Free global shipping over €40.

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