Planxty: Between The Jigs And The Reels: A Retrospective (Vinyl LP)


This is a new vinyl record.

Label: Universal Music Ireland
Catalog Number: 7714356
Country: Ireland
Genre(s): Folk / Traditional
Released: 2018
Sleeve: NM (sealed)
Media: M (unplayed)


  1. True Love Knows No Season (Billy Gray)
  2. Pat Reilly
  3. Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór
  4. Follow Me Up To Carlow
  5. Baneasa's Green Glade / Mominsko Horo
  6. Aconry Lasses / The Old Wheel Of The World / The Spike Island Lasses
  7. The Pursuit Of Farmer Michael Hayes
  8. Accidentals / Aragon Mill
  9. The Irish Marche
  10. The Rambling Siuler
  11. The Well Below The Valley
  12. Junior Crehan's Favourite / Corney Is A Coming (Reels)
  13. Roger O'Hehir
  14. Smeceno Horo
  15. The West Coast Of Clare
  16. Nancy Spain
  17. Timedance

Pressed on black vinyl. Free global shipping over €40.

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